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USFDA Approves First Dissolving Stent for Coronary Artery Disease Patient Undergoing Angioplasty. At 08 Jul

USFDA News Release, July 5, 2016. Cardiac Surgeons mostly treat coronary artery disease with a procedure called angioplasty to widen the artery using a metal stent. This drug-eluting stents temporarily release a drug (Everolimus), which helps in preventing rejection of organ transplant along with scar formation in the coronary artery. USFDA granted permission to the first absorb

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Electronic Cigarettes Not Safe: Kills Upper Layer of Skin Cells in the Oral Cavity At 06 Jul

Source: Journal PLOS ONE, 2016. Electronic Cigarettes were earlier considered safe for Humans, but recent researches from scientists of University of California, Los Angeles revealed that, it can lead to damage of upper layer of oral cavity. Scientist conducted experiments on oral cavity cell cultures and found that, vapours of e-cigarettes caused redu

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USFDA Granted Second approval Cornea Implant: Corrects Near Vision in People Aged 41 to 65 At 04 Jul

Source: U.S. Food and Drug Administration, News release, 2016. This is the second USFDA approved cornea implant for correction of near vision, for people aged 41-65, who have not undergone cataract surgery. Raindrop implant made by California based Revision Optics; Inc. conducted a clinical trial on more than 300 patients. Results showed that, two years after receiving the impla

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National Doctor's Day 2016 At 02 Jul

Hiimpact celebrating the National Doctors Day in remembrance of Dr. BC Roy: Pioneer of Medical Services of India.

“God and t

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